How to build a brand out of your content ?



Previously, I have presented the semiotic instances that operate within the DVD market on a sketch entitled « The semiotic wheel of video”. What I propose here is an extended version that might be relevant to the whole creative industries.

 Analyze creative contents…

 Why this sketch and what is it about? For the first of all, I have quite a propensity to establish working hypotheses as well as to synthesize my results or thoughts in a little drawing! For the second of all, the semiotic wheel shows to be a good framework for creative contents analysis, as I used it for consultancy missions focused on rights catalogues management.

 The semiotic wheel is designed to review the various semiotic instances available in a rights catalogue or in a creative project. I did not try it in every field, but it seems it can be used within various business areas: publishing, music, film, tv production, exhibitions, shows, etc… Items should be then adapted to the concerned industry in order to be more operational (i.e , for a movies catalogue : Film / Director / Genre / Origin / Studio / Cast).

 … then brand the content…

 Depending on the available semiotic instances, the organization’s objectives and the buying situations of consumers, this analysis can then lead to consider the branding of one or more of these instances. Indeed, that is the enhancement of the instance on the packaging, and its place in communication as a whole, that lead the consumer to actually recognize its role as a brand. This can be connected to the differentiation made between the brand, as an academic object, and a brand, “describable, observable, analyzable”(Semprini, Andrea (1992) Le marketing de la marque, Paris, Editions Liaisons). Once materialized and treated as so, the brand might assume some functions for the consumer, such as guaranty or personalization, and might help to act towards other targets (media, institutions,).

 ….and sell it !

 The semiotic wheel can be used to analyze a single product, upstream or downstream the marketing process, as well as a whole catalogue. It can help also to create promotions or trade marketing operations, by determining relevant products categories in terms of editorial opportunities and attractiveness of the available instances.


I would be pleased to read your comments on this tool…


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